Bee Movie and Chase's Birthday

What a week! We had a MUCH better start to our week than we did last Monday. Eli, Chase and I met up with my friend Ally and her two children - Myles (4) and Gina (1) in Cincinnati, and we had a great time. First of all this mall is the best. There is an Off 5th ( Saks 5th Ave stuff discounted like 40-75%), two movie theaters, a Burlington Coat Factory, Baby Depot, Babies R Us... It has EVERYTHING! We took the kids to see Bee Movie and it is so cute! Chase even laughed at some parts of the movie, so it was a good time. It's always soooo good to meet up with them. It snowed on us all the way home, and since I was exhausted we met Norman at our favorite little Chinese place and we stuffed ourselves on Sweet and Sour Chicken. This was Chase's first time to eat Chinese, and he really loved that sweet & sour sauce!!

Today (Thurs) I sold the Soothing Motions Glider that Chase has had since we brought him home from the hospital. That was the best thing ever made for babies I swear. He still loves it, but he's past the weight limit, and the last time I put him in it he leaned back to relax and enjoy the ride, and it barely moved. It just was time to let it go; he's past the infant baby stage, and I have to just accept it and go on. So I sold it for $25 because it is in perfect condition, and now it's in a home where it can once again lull a little baby to sleep.

Now, tomorrow is a big day for us...Chase...my sweet little baby boy...is turning ONE! Yes, it was 2pm on January 18th that Chase entered this world, and I simply cannot believe that my teeny little baby is such a big boy now! We are having a small party for him tomorrow, and I promise to post pictures afterward. Norman is in charge of ordering the cake, so we shall see what he picked out. Nana and PaPa sent some money that was to be spent on presents, so we have gone shopping for their presents and our gifts and we are all set. I hope he has as much fun playing with these things as we did picking them out.

Norman will be home in a bit, so I need to get a couple things done! Until next time...God Bless, and enjoy your weekend!!

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