The boys are sick...

Well, it's not exactly the fabulous start to our week I was hoping for, but it's a start I guess. Both boys are sick and pukey, and I've been scrubbing carpet all day. I am having Norman bring home one of those big, mega-duty steam carpet cleaners, so that I can clean the carpet tonight. Sounds exciting right??!! It's the only solution I have to getting pink poptart throw-up out of our carpet. When we move, we have to pay $50 per stain, so I am determined to not lose any money that way. Moving is expensive enough as it is.

Other than that the week is off to a good start. I made an appt for Simon (our 25 pound cat) to get shaved. He just has too much hair. No matter how much I brush him, he leaves gobs and gobs of hair wherever he stops to laydown or sit. It's gross, plus it isn't good for him to ingest that much hair. My poor baby is going to look so funny!! I kind of hate to see it go; he has the softest hair of any cat I've ever seen.

I went over to see Denise for a few minutes today. It is so great to be home and have her next door again. I'm trying to not even think about how it's gonna suck when they move, and the boys' "Aunt Necee" isn't right there. The boys adore her and I think she'd take Chase with her if she could (wouldn't ya Denise!!) I would like to pack her up and take her with us, but who knows...it's a small world. We might be in the same town again someday.

Well, thats it for now! I've got more laundry to do and to put away, and Chase is in need of his supper! I hope next time I post the boys are back to normal. Adios!

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