I have done the unthinkable!!

I "cheated" on my hairdresser! If you are a woman with a specific hairdresser then you know what a horrendous thing this truly is! I woke up today utterly stressed out, and of course the first thing I do any drastic thing to is my hair. My options were to call my salon and beg someone to take me today, or go to Target and do the ultimate hair sin - use color from a box! Since box color has never done any good for anyone other than maybe some particular women I've seen on select street corners in Dallas and NYC, I opted to hang up my pride and resort to begging. Unfortunately my stylist was off today, so when I went in I was utterly mortified to find that her best friend and the stylist that KNOWS I GO TO SUE, was there and watched me sit down in another stylist's chair. But, all that embarassment aside, I like the new lady better, and I have found a new stylist! I just have to make sure that I go when Sue is off and pray that her friends don't rat me out. I'm terrible...I know. But my hair looks so good!! haha

I think I am starting to officially get sad about leaving Dayton. My dear friend Denise brought bananas over for the boys today, and it made Eli's day. We have been so blessed with friends and neighbors here. This is going to be terribly hard to have to leave! But I am excited that we are driving out to D.C. on Saturday to start our apartment hunting!! I have made the mistake of saying "house" hunting, but make no mistake - we will be in an apartment. We don't want to do yardwork, or pay unnecessarily for something we don't need. And given that the cost of living is about to double, and perhaps even triple for us, we need to downsize as much as humanly possible. There are sometimes that I am sad that we aren't at the stage of life where we are buying a home and settling down, but overall I am glad that we aren't "stuck" anywhere, and that we are free to move about to some extent. I think that once Norman retires we might get so restless that we might have to move a few times! There is just so much to see!

Well, I suppose thats all for now. Chase has his one-year checkup in the morning and I am dreading that. I hate watching him get shots!! And besides that, how on earth did my baby get to be this old already?! I'm still trying to figure that out. Nighty night all! God

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  1. LOL!! Cheater!!! Hopefully since you are moving soon, she'll never know!!

    And about the hair color from the box - I did the unthinkable with that. When I won that contest, I got my hair done at a fancy NYC 5th Ave salon to the tone of $1300. Well, like you, I woke up one morning and it was like my roots grew in three inches over night. I couldn't get in for over a week - so I did it. Yep, $7 color over the expensive color. I liked it!


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