Thank goodness for the weekend!

Ahhhhhh it's Saturday! You would think that since I'm a SAHM that my life is like that of a groundhog - same thing different day, but that soooo isn't the case. I love having Norman home, and my favorite days are the ones that we stay in our PJ's all day and watch movies and relax. It's so wonderful to have the help with the boys! They keep me so busy, and it is definitely great to have a break that way. Next week won't be so relaxing though...We have our apartment hunting trip, and our plan is to leave Saturday and spend Sunday thru Wed or Thurs looking at places and familiarizing ourselves with the city. Ugh...a 10 hour car ride. I'm dreading that part, but ready to get out there and start getting to know the place that will soon become our home! Wow...Washington D.C. - home of the President...and THE CANNONS! hehe

I think the rest of the day will consist of getting the boys' hair cut, getting out and about running errands, and maybe dinner out. We did have plans to go skiing, but with the temperature so frigid, I just don't think it's wise to get the boys out until it at least warms up to the 30's. It's so nice to be close to ski resorts, but it makes us lazy too. We don't feel a need to rush out in bad weather because it's our only chance to ski; luckily we have the luxury of waiting for good weather. :)

Well, time to go put Chase down for his nap! What a life he has; I would love to sleep as much as he does!!! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend - stay in and keep warm!!!

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