There is light at the end of the tunnel

FINALLY the boys are getting back to their normal, happy, healthy selves! Poor Eli suffered thru 3 days of being constantly sick, so it has been fabulous watching him eat and keep things down today. Other than that, we're just looking forward to the weekend. Eli, Chase and I have plans to meet up with my friend Ally in Cincinnati on Monday, and I am really looking forward to that. I hate that we can't meet up more often, but it just makes the times we are able to meet up that much more special. She is such a wonderful friend, and she has two gorgeous kids!

It has been raining all day, but I've had the window open in my bedroom and it feels wonderful and cool. I finally have decided to focus on getting my pre-pregnancy body back. It seemed that for such a long time we were having issues with Chase, so now that he is not having any issues it's time to focus on me. I'm NOT going to give my weight (yeah right, you thought I would! ha!), but I will say that I have 20 lbs to lose and my goal is to have it gone by the summer. Here's hoping!

Well, I suppose that's all for now. I snuck upstairs to grab a quiet moment while Norman is playing with the boys downstairs. I need to get downstairs and feed Chase before he starts fussing at me. Oh - speaking of Chase, we only have 8 days until his birthday; I can't believe it! How did my baby get so big?! Ciao for now!

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