Winter Storm Warning

Today it actually has made it up to a wonderful 27 degrees. I didn't think we were expecting a snowstorm, but when we woke up the warnings were plastered all over the tv, and they were already delaying school openings. I need to be cleaning my house and getting us packed for our trip up to D.C., but I'm much more comfy sitting here on my couch!

I have lost six pounds! Woo hoo! I like the nutrisystem food, and it's really easy to stick to the diet, but Feb is just around the corner and I know I will be so tempted to break down and buy the Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies that I love so much. Those things are soooo goooood! My asthma has been killing me, so working out or running on my treadmill would be a bad idea, but I'm doing okay so far.

Yesterday I called several of the apartments that we are wanting to visit to find out if they require appointments or if we could just show up. Only two required appointments, so those are set, and luckily we won't be too restricted in our searching. We have plans to meet my friend Alexa at her house for dinner Sunday night, so that will be fun! I'm so glad that she is in D.C. and that we will soon be neighbors! It will be a fun, whirlwind trip, and hopefully we will get to see all 11 apartments in this trip that we want to see. If we have success there will be no need to go back, so I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed. I don't want to have to do too many trips out there!

Chase had his one year appointment yesterday, and we made a big change in our car seating arrangement! Eli is now officially out of his car seat, and he is just using a little booster seat that doesn't even have a back. He now uses the big seatbelt and feels just like a big boy! Chase has moved out of the infant seat!!! We are done carrying him in that thing!! He is now in our big Britax forward-facing seat that Eli has been in! My boys are growing up!!

Alright, I've got two kids throwing tantrums, so my computer playtime is over! I hope noone else gets the blizzard snowstorm they are predicting for us! Enjoy your Thursday!

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