Day trip to Cincinnati!

So with the weather about to get rainy/icy/snowy again, we decided to take a day to get out and see some things that Cincinnati has to offer. Personally I LOVE driving around Cincy. The architecture is so different from what I am used to, and it is definitely reminicent of the industrial revolution with all of the factories. Part of what I love about moving around so much, is the fact that we get to experience what different parts of this country has to offer. Each has its own feel and personality, and I just love it up here!

The first part of our day was spent at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Terminal Station. That has to be one of the most fabulous museums I've ever been to. We went to go see the Bodies Exhibit, and it was just absolutely amazing. Seriously it's one of the most informative, important exhibits out there. It isn't for the faint of heart or for those with weak stomachs. I'll admit I was a bit nervous, especially when right before we entered the exhibit, a teen girl came running out throwing up in a trashcan. Luckily Norman had taken Eli to go potty and missed that, but it did have me wondering if attending it with children was a good idea.

It is something that will probably stay with me for the rest of my life. Not only were there full bodies, and partial body specimens, but there were healthy preserved organs shown with unhealthy and diseased ones. Like a smokers lungs compared to a non-smokers lungs. It is simply amazing, and it makes you realize that what you do and eat, DOES affect even the smallest, tiniest organs that we don't think about. Here is a link to the exhibit...


All I can say is wow. Eli handled it like a champ and LOVED it. Norman was his "tour guide" and answered all the questions. I'll be honest and say that I didn't linger around the full bodies, and I had a hard time with some of the exhibits. The part that was too much for me to handle, however, was the part on pregnancy and fetal development. There was a door to skip thru that part, and unfortunately we mis-read the sign and walked right into the room. That was very disturbing to me, so we quickly turned around and headed for the door to skip thru that part. I am sensitive to fetal/infant stuff because to me I just can't see the scientific/medical aspect. All I see are the unborn children that we have lost, and I just cannot stomach anything dealing with that. Norman is so good to try to protect me from anything like that. He's such a good husband!!

After that, we met up with my friend Ally and her sweet kiddos at Cincinnati Mills Mall. We ate at Johnny Rockets, and then let the boys play at the playland before heading to Saks to do some shopping. We finally left there when the mall closed at 9pm, and we got home around 10.

I remember the days when I used to get dressed to go out, and I would just be LEAVING my house at 10. Wow has my life changed. 10 pm is such a late time for families of small children. Or at least I blame it on the fact that it is because of the boys that we must get home; maybe it's simply that I am getting old and tire out quickly! HA! :)

Well, I do have a lot of pictures to share that I took yesterday, and I will post those a bit later on today in a new post. I haven't downloaded them yet, and I'm too tired to do it now! I hope that you all are enjoying your weekend and that you will get to have a long weekend for President's Day tomorrow! Stay in and avoid the snow!!! :) Ciao!

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