Eight Inches of Snow

That's what we are expecting to get from about now to sometime in the early morning tomorrow. This winter just seems to be going on and on, and it sure is getting old. The high today was 18 degrees. Fun Fun.

I got a call from the peds office today and they wanted to let me know that the nose swab came back positive for the flu for Chase, so the official list of his ailments include a double ear infection, a sinus infection, and the flu. My poor baby has been hit really hard this winter and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Eli doesn't get any of it. All of us did get the flu shot, but I guess it just wasn't enough to help the little one.

It is so gray and dreary outside. I am so ready for spring it's not funny. We found out that our last day for Norman to work here at Wright-Patt is June 1st, so we can move anytime after that. We can report in D.C. as early as July 1st but no later than July 15th.

Chase is in his pack n play and I looked over to see that he fell asleep right on his snack of dried fruits. When he moved his head I saw all those little fruit pieces stuck to the left side of his face ;). Poor lil guy.

I'm swamped with laundry and cleaning. I'm getting better at throwing things away; this move is making me get rid of things that I've been hauling around for years for no reason. All of our friends are going thru the same things right now. Between March and June most all of our friends will be moving away to various parts of the country, and some overseas. At least we're all in the same stressful boat right now! That helps make me feel better. haha

Well, guess thats all for now. I've got to go cuddle on my little sickie and let Eli play on here on the Disney website. He is so good on the computer! I hope everyone else isn't about to get buried under snow like we are...stay warm and safe!! And I hope I can report that Norman gets a snowday tomorrow!!! :) Adios!

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