New baby in the family!

Welcome to the world little Hailey Ann! My cousin and his wife, Chad and Kat, had their first baby - a little girl - on Tuesday the 12th! I am so excited for them, and I can't wait to meet her! We went shopping last night, and it was so much fun to pick out little pink and ruffley (is that even a word??) outfits! Even though Chase is only a year old, it has me thinking that I'd like a little pink around my house, so adoption is back on the table for discussion. I think we have decided to do our four years in D.C., and then start the adoption process once we move out of D.C. Yeaaaa!!

Chase is still sick, poor little guy! He got the barking cough on Monday night, so back to the doc we went on Tuesday, and he got a steroid shot to help with that. His cough is still really bad, but he's had the antibiotic in his system since Friday, and now he has had the shot, so hopefully he'll be on the road to recovery soon.

We did not get the 8 inches of snow predicted...we only got about 2 or 3, but we did get several inches of ice, which has made driving very treacherous. Gotta love being up north. D.C. is much more mild than here, so I look forward to that change.

Today is Valentines Day! I'm happy to have Norman in country and not deployed somewhere, but we've been so exahusted with Chase being sick and us being up nights that I asked if we could postpone our V-Day stuff until a later date. Norman is so patient with me; I wasn't able to get him the anniversary gift without him, so he still hasn't gotten it! Finding time for all of us to get down to Cincy for him to be fitted for it is so hard! I wanted to get us caught up on anniversary stuff before we did V-Day stuff, so we're working on our own holiday schedule now - lol.

Norman has off tomorrow - the military is giving them a family day, and since Monday is Presidents Day, we have a four day weekend! Yippee!!! I love having him home!!

Today is just a normal day for us. laundry, cleaning and dishes for me, and playing and naptime for the boys. I've got more drawers to go thru, and more throwing away to do. As much as I am ready to go back to work, I am thankful for snowy days like today where I can stay in my pj's and just be a mom. Adios for now!!!

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