Please...no more snow...

For anybody who thinks it would be great to live in an area where it snows at LEAST every other day - BITE YOUR TONGUES! It has no kidding been snowing DAILY, and I am getting so tired of it! This morning I had several appointments but when I crawled out of my bed and looked outside I just decided that today was my day to boycott the snow and stay home. Yup, I cancelled all our appointments, stayed in my jammies, watched movies with the boys, worked on Eli's reading lessons and did crafts all from the comfort of my bed. That was GREAT! Unfortunately the rest of the week will only get worse instead of better, and I can't cancel everything, so it looks like we will once again be pressing our luck on the icy roads tomorrow. FUN FUN. At least we'll be getting one day closer to the weekend!!

Ohhhh the girls did horrible on American Idol tonight. I mean horrible!!! So far my favorite of everyone is Cutie Pie David Archuletto. I know I spelled that wrong, but he is just sooooo good and soooooo adorable! He's got my vote! These girls have GOT TO GO! Well, thats all for now! I'm off to take my unisom and watch Leno! Ciao!

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