We have ORDERS!

Yep! This assignment to D.C. isn't gonna change on us! We have orders in hand, and it's a done deal! Yippeeee! That is very reassuring for us, and it's made our weekend great!

We had a wonderful lazy Saturday, just staying indoors and avoiding the frigid temps outside. We hung out in the bedroom for a large part of the day watching Aladdin with Eli. Chase was happy to be near us jumping in his jumperoo and tumbling around on the bed before we all went downstairs for dinner. It was just a wonderfully yummy family day!

Well, I figured I'd post a few pics...some of the snowstorm and some that I took tonight of my sweet family - and yes - that includes our cat "Big Fat Simon" as Eli calls him. Enjoy them and I'm off to bed now!! Nighty night!

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