What a fab day!

Ahhhh it's almost 9pm and I just got in my jammies!! Anybody who knows me really well will know that this is far past the time I like to be in my pj's and in bed watching tv with Norman!! But today was a fabulous exception, and what a great day we all had!

My next door neighbor and wonderful friend Denise and I took the boys on a shopping trip down to Cincy. They have the mother of all malls there...I've rambled about it in previous blogs, but this is the place where they have the Saks 5th Ave. I've got to say that I am addicted to this store, and I'm not even ashamed to admit it!! I bought a verrrry beautiful black hip length top that - are you ready - was on sale from $200 down to $43! Yes, I am very proud of myself and cannot wait to have someplace to wear it!! :) Denise did VERY well for herself too, and she picked up some CUTE stuff! YAY us! From there we went on to Burlington Coat Factory where I found a $10 cute shirt to wear around the house doing "mommy" stuff, then we somehow managed to find our way to the "PBS KIDS.ORG" playland as Eli calls it where Denise and I took a breather and watched Eli run laps. Then it was time for us to head back home to Dayton where we met Norman for dinner at Logans Roadhouse (the place where they have peanuts on the floor) and now...here I am...exhausted in bed!

Oh - how can I forget that we had a big ordeal once we got home and put Eli in the bath. While we were at the mall, Eli was being so good that when he wanted this neon pink rubber duckie from Bath and Body Works, I just couldn't resist. The frustrating part was when we got home and got Eli in the bath he wanted his duckie and it was nowhere to be found. Luckily after two trips trudging thru the snow in my pajamas and big fuzzy boots (all the while praying noone was looking out their window) we found the duckie in the backseat and put it in its new home - the kids bathtub. Eli was happy as a clam all the while telling me that he was just like Ernie and singing the "Rubber Duckie, you're the one" song, and that was so cute that it was totally worth the trips outside.

Okay, the only other thing I have to ramble about is the fact that Obama was speaking right down the road from my house today. Normally I would just think that was cool, and realize that yes, I would much rather have Obama nearby rather than Hillary, but what is totally getting on my nerves is that song that is apparently everywhere. You know the one...surely you've heard it; it's by Obama Girl. "I've got a crush on Obama". I saw it on SNL and it has been stuck in my head ever since then. It's just so catchy!! It doesn't help that Chase seems to like it when I am singing it, so that is his favorite new song for me to sing to him. Yes, I know I am a conflicted person because I am a registered Republican and I'm singing a song made famous by someone named Obama Girl.

Wow, is this getting long or what!? I'm sorry! I am happy to report that Norman did get in to TMO (for you non-military peeps, that means the moving department) today, and our paperwork is pretty much finalized! All that is left for us to do is decide when to move out of here and then just wait! I am feeling a bit yippey weepy about it all. Yippey to be getting this show on the road, and weepy to be getting this show on the road. Have I mentioned I'm conflicted! :) But in a very good way.

Alrighty, I'm sure I'll be updating this again soon. I've heard we are supposed to be getting lots more snow over the next few days, so that means I'll be stuck around the house and attached to my keyboard! :) Until then...I've got a crush on Obama!

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  1. Sounds like a GREAT day. Shopping and not having to cook/clean dinner!! I'm glad you had a good time. And what's this Republician stuff you speak of?? :)


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