Winter Wonderland

Over the past couple of days it's been snowing really consistently, but this morning (after Chase woke me up entirely too early) I happened to peak out the curtains and see the most gorgeous winter scene. It is BEAUTIFUL outside today! It is a miserable 21 degrees, but who cares because we have 3-4 fresh inches of snow that are blanketing everything outside. Of course we have an appointment later on this afternoon that will pry us out of this cozy house, but right now, I am just enjoying looking at the outdoors. I will try to take some pictures later and share them with you all.

Hmmm...Yesterday Eli and I started some homeschool stuff. I found a curriculum that I think is AWESOME, so Eli is on the road to reading. He just woke up a minute ago and the first thing out of his mouth was, "Good Morning Mommy, when can we have school?" Awwww yea!! I'm glad that he is as thrilled as I am about it. I'd like to have him reading at a fairly consistent pace by our move in June, because I think that would be something great he could do during our move. I'm just not sure how much is realistic to hope for in terms of how long it will take to "get it". We'll see, we're in no rush.

We are SOOOO close to getting our orders and being able to schedule the packers/movers. It's crazy that we are almost to that point. Norman started calling the outprocessing people yesterday, and although we know we are early, at least we're on top of things. I'm so anxious because I want everything to go smoothly.

Last night before I fell asleep though, I started thinking about how at this point in my life I am so happy. Truly happy with where I am as an individual, as a mother, and where I am location wise. I guess as far as internal contentment goes, this is "it". There is so much I love right now, and it is going to be so hard to move and leave this behind. It is really funny, sometimes some of my neighbors and I joke that we are living on Wisteria Lane in a Desperate Housewives episode. There are the crazy neighbors, the sweet ones, and the ones we just can't figure out. I love sitting outside with my neighbor early in the morning watching the kids play during the spring/summer, and I have loved cookouts many evenings here where we have talked and laughed and eaten well into the early morning hours. I am going to miss the constant knocks on the door from neighborhood kids wanting Eli to come play, and running next door in my robe really quick to ask a question or get some breadcrumbs because I ran out and don't want to go to the store. I love this life. This house, these neighbors - even the crazy ones, because they keep life interesting.

But I just keep having to remind myself that although it will be a different life, we WILL find our normal - a new normal - in D.C. And I'm sure when it is time to leave there I will be as sad to part ways and move on. Maybe in some senses I feel like I am saying goodbye to so much here; but I have got to remember that we are also going to be saying hello to new things, and all I can do is embrace every day and thank God for my healthy family.

Alright, that is enough rambling for now. I've got breakfast to make for my babies! Ciao!!

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