Beautiful Saturday

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day. The sun was shining, and although it was a "crisp" 37 degrees, we decided to just embrace the day and try to ignore the winter that is still trying to hang on up here. We were out of the house by 9am, and headed up to the mall to get the boys' hair cut at the Penney's Salon. The girls there are all so sweet and do a fantastic job, and we were happy to have our boys looking super cute instead of super shaggy lol. After that we took the boys on their springtime shopping spree and finished off the morning with a romp at the playland. This was a momentous occasion for Chase, because this was the first time we let him play since he started walking!

We came home and cleaned house to prepare for the portrait guy who was coming to shoot the boys here at the house. We got hooked up with this awesome in-home portrait place called Growing Family Portraits; they did Chase's newborn picture at the hospital, and then came to the house to do a session when he was 1 month old. Apparently since we spent a fortune on what was supposed to be a one time thing, they wanted to come back and do it again :). We are suckers for cute baby/kid pictures so that's how that all worked out. The guy came at 12:30, and the session went so great!!! I can't wait to get the pictures back!

The boys napped after that, and then we were out of the house once again by 4:30 to head to dinner at Olive Garden (YUMMY). We did more spring shopping for the boys at Old Navy, picked up some invitations for our block party (Yes, if you live in Dayton it's May 3rd and you better come, and Ally you know you are invited too!), and then we finished up our evening at a Christian bookstore to buy Eli his very first big boy Bible. He has just outgrown the smaller childish ones, and so we are excited that he finally has a real, child study Bible. Also, Norman and I have our separate Bibles, but I have been wanting us to have one that is for the both of us to study together in, so we finally got that, and I picked up a Women's Study Bible as well. I have realized that I need (and also the family as a whole) needs to spend more time studying scripture and telling the stories to our children. I am going to add a "Mommy and Eli devotional time" each day and do it after our reading lessons. I think that will be a special thing that will help us both grow. I'm really excited, and seeing Eli's excitement as he learns more and more is so uplifting. I've also learned that my favorite thing to hear is Eli when he sings along to, "You Make Everything Glorious..." That is such a precious gift that he gives to me.

Well, I suppose that's all for now. I have something else to write about, but it will wait until tomorrow. Sleep tight and I'll be writing again soon!! Ciao!

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