Gorgeous Day!

We were blessed with a beautiful day today! It was a bit windy, but it made it into the 50's which was downright amazing, so we took full advantage of it. Eli, Chase and I spent the afternoon at the playground with my friend Leah and her 4 children. I let Eli ride his 4-wheeler up to the park, and the kids took turns riding on that and scooting around on the other kids' scooters. Chase had fun going down the slide and did his best to eat the woodchips, but I don't think any actually made it to his tummy. The sun was SHINING and it just felt sooooo good to be out in the fresh air! Unfortunately, our beautiful weather was short lived, because lots and lots of rain is headed our way. :( But thats okay...as long as we get more days like today we won't go too stir crazy.

Tomorrow is a BIG day for Norman, because President Bush will be visiting Wright-Patterson AFB, and Norman gets to be a part of the day. Hopefully he will get lots of good pictures for me, and I will post them as soon as I get the camera back. You might see my sweetie on the news!! How cool would that be?!

Well, I need to get off of here and get ready for bed. I'm wiped out...Watch the national news tomorrow!!! You might see Norman! :) Ciao!

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