In Memory of Michelle...

Today I have so much to write about, but I'm going to keep this post dedicated to my precious friend, Michelle. Today is her birthday, and she would have been 31 years old. She was a beacon of light, and I will never forget how much her eyes shone when she was laughing and truly happy. She was one of those friends that you know you are blessed to have when they come into your life. She was supportive, loving, completely unselfish, and painstakingly honest. She was my confidante, and I trusted her with some of the most painful moments of my life. We shared difficult moments together, and she was such a source of strength to me when Norman deployed...The bitter truth of all of this is that Michelle was there for me during so many trials I faced, and how I would give anything if I could have done something...anything...to help her. I loved her when she lived, and I love her now and for always.

I have lost friends before...young friends who died tragically way too young. But none have impacted me the way that losing Michelle has. There is this ache that comes into my throat from fighting tears back when I think about things. A dull lingering knot that stays in my stomach, and I am reminded of why it's there when I happen to walk by a framed photo of her in my house. And yet, through all of the hurt involved in this process, I know that because of her, I am a better person. I'm a better friend, a better listener, and a better judge of character. Through her honesty I became more honest, and more bold to be myself without worrying of what others think.

I am thankful that through this tragedy, I have connected with Michelle's mom. Every conversation I have with her, I am comforted because this is the voice - the person - who Michelle looked to for comfort and guidance her entire life. I find peace in Neoma's soul, and her strength is more than admirable...it's humbling.

My sweet Michelle, I love you and think of you every day. I will never have a better dance partner or shopping buddy. I will never stop wondering, "what would Michelle think? What would she tell me to do?" You are in my heart and will be with me every step of my life, until we meet again someday... I know that this life is just a breath away from eternity, and you will be in my heart until we see each other again...

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  1. Aw, Stacey, that made me cry. You are such an awesome person and a great friend. You obviously loved Michelle very much, and she sounds like an amazing person. I'm so sorry you and her family have had to face this tragedy. You have such a caring soul.


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