It's still morning???

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Some days just feel like they should move faster...you know? This morning we have accomplished a lot, and it's not even 9am. We've all had our breakfasts, I'm on my second load of laundry, Chase has had his bath, and Eli has even had his spelling and reading lesson. Now don't get me wrong...I have a ton more laundry and cleaning to do, but I'm pooped! Seriously!

Hmmmm...lets see...Yesterday was Easter, and boy was the Easter Bunny good to my boys! Eli got a huge basket with cars and a garage to put them in, along with some puzzles and candy. Chase didn't do too badly with his spinning toy that makes lots of noise and sounds and helps him with coordination, and a special book that has eggs popping out all over it. No candy for him though! Maybe next year... Eli had an empty egg, to symbolize that Jesus is not in the grave; He is risen! He loves explaining that to me, and it is amazing to listen to how a 4 year old explains the resurrection of Christ. We attended church this week with our very good friend Melissa, her parents, and our other friend Sara. Why is it that we always find "THE CHURCH" that we love and feel comfortable in, right before we move? Those of you who know us, know that we had previously attended a church that we simply weren't comfortable in. We love several people who attend there, but increasingly we were feeling uncomfortable there. Thus the decision was made to attend services with Melissa, and we are thankful to her for inviting us and helping us find a comfortable, accepting place.

I did get rid of the boys' old highchair this weekend, along with a playmat, but the lady who had been interested in our kitchen table and chairs (we have another table and chairs we use) decided that she wants a round table instead of a square one, so I'm still needing a home for it. My friend across the street, Leah, and I will be doing a garage sale in about 3 weeks, so perhaps I will find a place for it then.

We have decided to push our move back, so the packers and movers will come *WE THINK* on May 10-12. That way, as soon as our stuff is loaded, we can drive directly to D.C., meet the truck and get moved in. We will avoid lengthy hotel stays and won't feel so homeless that way. So that's the plan, but it ultimately depends on our packers/movers and if they are able to accommodate us on those dates. Here's hoping...

Well, thats enough for now. Since it's only 28 degrees, I am not wanting to get the boys outside to play, but I do want to take them somewhere to do SOMETHING. Eli needs to run around and Chase needs a change of scenery. I need to hunt down that pottery studio; maybe we can do that today! Or maybe we will just do a movie and then let them get out their energy at the playland at the mall. Whatever the case we need to come up with something to avoid going crazy indoors! Spring is coming?? Right? I've heard it's here already, but I don't think that it's made it up to Ohio yet.

Thats all for now! I've got boys to keep busy and stuff to do! Enjoy your Monday, and have a great week! Ciao!

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