Ohio Blizzard of 2008

Thats the official name of what attacked us yesterday and today. If our desktop computer hadn't crashed and burned I would have uploaded lots of pictures already, but I think it might be awhile before I can get any new pics on here...Take my word for it - 15 inches of snow is unbelievable. Yes, it is beautiful, but it also makes day to day living nearly impossible. Norman went out and shoveled our driveway, and it took hours. My good friend and neighbor came over today excited about all the snow - and this is normally a woman who joins me in my griping about the yucky gray weather. I had to laugh as I watched her "wade" through the snow that came up to her knees as she was trying to get back home. Denise you seriously crack me up, and as soon as our computer is fixed I will post those pictures!! :) I definitely won't miss THIS part of Ohio when we move...

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