Sledding and snowball fights...

Today was Chase's first time to play out in the snow, and it will probably be the last that we see anything like this for a long long time. I had to get out to go to the doctor early this morning, and the roads were a MESS. You couldn't see the lanes and everyone was driving where they wanted. I had been driving on the shoulder and didn't realize it until I saw where my exit was. It was very weird and a bit scary. But I made it there and back, got my much needed antibiotics and then went out with the boys. I hadn't initially wanted to go out there, but how could Eli go play in the snow and Chase not get the chance? So thanks to the snowsuit Melissa gave Chase, we got him dressed appropriately and all went outside to sled and roll around in the snow.

For some reason I don't get the proper way of sledding and crashed halfway down the hill every time. I'm kind of puzzled, but it sure beats slamming into the trees or the houses so I won't complain too much. Chase loved the snow. He laughed hard when he was in the sled with daddy zooming down the hill, and Eli - strangely enough - was happy to stop sledding and go shovel snow in the front yard with his little "mini" snow shovel. I have tons of pictures and little video clips but our desktop is still kaput so it will be a while until I can get them on here. Maybe we can figure something out in a couple of days.

I came inside with Chase early to get him in a warm bath and ready to settle in for the evening. All in all we had a successful day out in the snow. It was only twenty-something degrees, but the sun was shining and it sure beats the gray-ness that we've been having! Sun is good...Come on spring...I know you can make it... Pretty Please???

Well, guess that's it for now! I need to start looking again for good airfare for our flights out to OK and then out to D.C. I am realizing that of course the most expensive airport to fly into is the one closest to our home and the one most convenient. If you are coming to visit us, PLEASE try to fly into Reagan! :) We will come get you if you fly into BWI, but we sure would rather skip the long hour commute throught the city :) lol You know I'm kidding, if you are coming, just head on out that way. I was just hoping to be able to fly into Reagan, hop on the train and be home in 10 minutes. *sigh* I'll keep looking.

Okay, I have a sweet little 4 year old who has misplaced his stuffed Cardinal named Louis, and can't sleep without him, so I'm off to start searching. Good night, God bless, and I hope you have a wonderful, uneventful, fabulous week! Ciao!

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