Date Night!

Norman and I actually got to have a fabulous date night this week! A good friend of ours watched the boys and Norman and I got to try a place we'd been wanting to for a very long time! The restaurant is called Cena, and it is a Brazillian/Mediterranean Steakhouse that is just insanely wonderful!!! Here are some descriptions of the food...

Cena offers a genuine feast laden with the bounty of each season. Treat yourself to our spectacular 40-50 item Feast Table with items such as specialty salads, salmon, fresh mozzarella, hearts of palm and grilled vegetables. Fresh cheeses, prosciutto, sushi and daily homemade soups will also entice you at our Feast. Traditional Brazilian cheese bread will be brought to your table as well. Next, our carptors will stroll throughout the Grillaria and carve sizzling, skewered meat when your disk is turned to green. 10-15 different Brazilian and Mediterranean style meats are marinated or seasoned and grilled over an open fire such as beef tenderloin, pork, chicken, lamb, sausages and grilled seafood.

It was absolutely PHENOMENAL!!! We soooo have to go one more time before we move...

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  1. WOW, that is really nice! Glad you guys got a time out.


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