I'm so thankful...

For my neighborhood gals here in the Prairies. Our days are filled with Eli and Chase playing with their favorite neighborhood friends: Ashton, Preston, Trenton, Sofia, Annie, Jessica and Sam. They have formed quite a strong bond, and as soon as the sun rises, Eli's either begging to go knock on their doors, or I'm getting knocks on mine...The afternoons of drinking fancy lemonade out of wine glasses and chit-chatting about life and families and spiritual things is a constant source of encouragement and love, and I will be forever blessed by having these precious friends come into my life. Thank you loves!

I am killing a bit of time, waiting for Leah and Renee to go walking. We have been doing quite a bit of that lately, and we've been doing a 2 and a half mile walk around our entire neighborhood. My encouragement to myself is "think skinny thoughts" and go even when I don't feel like it. Leah is taller than I, and she walks even faster than I do! Most people think I'm a fast walker, so it's a challenge for me to keep up with her! Luckily I've not had trouble with my asthma, so the walking has been great!

I am still working on painting the bathroom back to the boring blah white. It's taking me several coats to cover up the deep teal color, so I think I will do as a friend recommended and use Kilz when I start painting the entryway back from the deep wine color back to white. Hopefully that will speed up the process some. This has just been taking me forever, although I'm not spending too much time on it each day. I only spend a couple hours on it in the evenings when the boys are in bed, so I don't have to worry about getting paint strung all over the house.

Well, better go get on my running shoes...it's time to meet the girls - and wow what a beautiful night it is...IT'S 72 DEGREES!!! WOO HOO!!!

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  1. Good for you for walking! It sounds like you're going to miss it there more than you realize.....


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