Like my new hair??!

I haven't had curly hair since 2000, when I lived in Dallas. But after the horrible winter up here (the winter that we are STILL EXPERIENCING BTW) I needed a change. Something drastic. I was tired of flat, blah, straight hair that took an hour every morning to curl just to look decent for my boys...yeah, I know you are thinking if you stay home, why bother! But it matters to me, plus I never know who might drop by and I need to be ready to go out and do something if the opportunity arises, so that's why. So the change is nice, and I am still liking it which is all that really matters anyhow.

We have LESS THAN A MONTH left up here. Yikes. Seriously I'm freaking out. Jenny I know you are soooo glad to be moved and not have to do it anytime soon! I'm jealous that you are already settled lol. I mean that in a good way.

For you guys that don't know, I am excited to announce that I am getting a MOMMY BREAK! Norman and I know that this upcoming move to D.C. will be very stressful, and that our time there will be very hectic and busy. We decided to do something a bit different...something I thought I would never do, but am realizing that I need to do for my sanity. For our vacations this year, we are doing little selfish indulgences...Norman is taking a few days to himself to most likely relax on a beach and read for several days straight - which he desperately needs. And I am doing something I've only dreamed of...I'm meeting my cousin Casey in Los Angeles, and we are taking a MOMMY HIATUS. We are going to spend time on the beach, go to a taping of Jay Leno, hit up a spa in Hollywood (seriously, I'm foaming at the mouth for that one), meet up with an old friend from Geary who lives there now, and perhaps the most exciting thing (dad if you are reading this don't read any further!!! haha!!) I have applied to be on a taping of LA Ink! Yes, I have wanted a tattoo...a small one that will be easily hidden, but I promised myself that I would ONLY get it at Miami, or LA Ink. So, we'll see if they accept my application, but if not I will still make an appointment to get it done while I'm there. Can you imagine if they accepted this midwestern girl on their hip show? HA! I'll keep you posted.

So that's all for now. I am making Norman haul some boxes in from the garage so I can sort thru some stuff. I have Vietnam Vets coming to pick up some things on Thursday, plus I need to find more stuff to put in our garage sale. Jenny, the whole "less is more" idea is something I'm working hard on trying to accept. It's so hard to let go of things! Thats all for now...I hope you all have had a fantastic weekend! Ciao!


  1. I was just coming over here to say how pretty your hair looks! Glad you are happy with your change. You have some busy days ahead -- good luck!!!

  2. Stacey, I'm just too much in mourning over your impending move to be able to talk to you. Or maybe it's the jealousy of your mommy hiatus. lol What a concept!! That should be a rule that all mom's have to follow.
    I love your hair!
    Please don't forget we HAVE to do a girls day (night, morning, afternoon, what EVER) before you leave.
    Love ya, girl!


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