All I can say is WOW

I'm speechless really. The outside of the house is beautiful. We're so exhausted. The inside of the house is a wreck - seriously...a complete mess. I'm still doing laundry, and am hoping to get the last of the curtains washed before the girl comes to claim my best friend...errr...I mean my washer and dryer. haha.

Leah and I went on our final walk tonight, and I have to say that I was totally thrilled to see our houses as we came walking down that last stretch. I'm flat worn out, and I totally would have bailed on the walk had I not inhaled almost an entire Cici's BBQ pizza for dinner. I'm addicted to those, and since it was my last time to eat there of course I had to go out in style. :)

I'm getting entirely too emotional about this; it's not like I've never moved before. I guess the difference is that we've always been ready and thrilled to be moving on to greener pastures. When we left Lawton, moving to Alabama sounded almost like moving to a new planet and it was just a great new adventure. Of course once we got there it wasn't too long before racism and southern pride had us itching to move, and in-law issues didn't help matters any either. We were so happy to move here to Dayton of all places, and I honestly would be content to just spend the rest of Norman's career here. There are fabulous schools, wonderful people...it's just NICE and family oriented. Do I sound like a tourist commercial? But anyway, I suppose thats why I am a bit in shock - I'm actually SAD to leave here! But I did learn a lot about myself in this place...I learned a lot about my family and friends.

I learned that living away from home only makes you stronger. You rely on your spouse more so than if you have tons of family always right there. It makes you appreciate them more too. I also have come to realize that although blood relatives may be far, God puts people in your lives - friends - who become your family. You love each other, watch out for one another, share in each others joys and sorrows, and ultimately form a bond that nothing can break. To each of my lifelong lovies...I adore you and will miss you more than words can say. Ally, Leah...you two in particular. Well, you know that you will be in my heart for always and I will forever be grateful for the gift of your friendship, precious words of comfort and support, and just for you being you and allowing me into your lives. Leah, I will never find another walking partner who makes me look FORWARD to "walk running" like you do. Your children are angels, and your family is a rare, special example of what a Christian parent should strive for. Ally, your children are just precious. I have treasured not only our friendship, but the friendship of our babies. You have been a friend to me long before we ever got to meet, and you truly give everything you have to those you love and I am blessed to have been able to witness that. I'm so thankful for you. And Melissa, I can't imagine my life without Simon. Thank you for letting him join our family. Reina, I miss you and hope you are getting settled and comfortable in AZ, and Sara...your strength and your faith is truly humbling. Little Nick has so much to be proud of, and I'm so thankful for your beautiful Nick and the sacrifice he made for all of us. I am so thankful...we are all so thankful for your family and your example.

And on that note, I will wrap this up. Goodnight, sweet dreams, and God bless all my dear friends and family. My prayer is that God envelops you in His loving arms and gives you much needed rest, and that He watches over all of us during this hectic week ahead...Night night lovies...

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  1. I love you, Stace. Travel safe. I look forward to seeing you again soon, but I know we'll always be friends. I hope you get rested and feeling more settled soon.


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