Day 2 ~ Still Packing

Well, what an adventure this turned out to be. We have two packers...Packer A is the company owner and he speaks English and has a good head on his shoulders. Packer B, well, his name is Javier and he no speaka de Englais. (or however you spell that) This has been comical to say the least. My friend Javier (Packer B), doesn't communicate with Packer A so well, and what directions he does understand, he chooses not to follow. They brought a certain number of glass packs, to pack the dishes and fragile paintings and such in. They are bigger boxers, and ole Javier, decided that toys would do better in the glass packs, so he boxed them up. When Packer A came in looking for all the dish packs, and found that Javier had already used them all up for our stuffed animals he exploded. He literally dragged Javier out into the yard and screamed at him and then they came back, and Javier had to repack everything.

The funny part though, is the language barrier issue. In a move, they have to record all of the identifying numbers on electronics, like dvd's, tv's - anything that has a serial number. Well, my buddy Javier gets his B's and V's confused, so everything that was supposed to be listed as a B, was actually written as a V. So They had to unpack all the items that have numbers to redo them, and that was insane. Javier has wasted so much time and material, and Packer A - who was a former marine - has told him many things like, "you have no purpose for living, you have a sorry life, speak correctly; no one cares what you say if they don't know what you say..." And at one point Packer A started debating with Norman and me as to whether there is a God, and about evolution, etc. For the record, HE started the conversation and before my head exploded off my body I took Chase and went to Home Depot for some more paint rollers and a new MACK DADDY trashcan. Yeah, I'm that stoked over a trashcan. But I needed something that would match all my new kitchen decor...all the money I spent on my new kitchen stuff, I was NOT going to have my trashcan not be new and matching!!! lol

Now, all that I'm waiting on Packers A and B for, is for them to get the furniture out of the bedrooms so that I can start with my carpet shampooing. Then Mr. Mean Guy will be out tomorrow to inspect. We're getting antsy...but we're so exhausted too...Is this over yet? I want my own bed to sleep in - the bed at TMO is killing me.

Bye bye my lovies!!! I'll catch ya up when I can! Ciao!

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