1 more day left in my house

Am I sad? Perhaps I would be more sad if I had time to sit and think about everything, but right now we're just working so hard to get everything done. This morning and early afternoon has been dedicated to the lawn and outside of the house. Norman mowed and edged, and I weeded the flowerbeds and mulched it and then trimmed all the bushes. It is looking great; hopefully great enough to pass the inspection done by Mr. Mean Guy. Thats my name for this...interesting...fellow. We'll see. If he doesn't like it, oh well, I'll write him a check and he can hire someone. I'm through with it.

I put together one more box of clothes that I'm going to run up to Goodwill here in a bit, and other than that I'm just doing non-stop laundry. We FINALLY got the washer and dryer sold (nothing like waiting till the eleventh hour), and the girl is coming with her dad to load them up tomorrow after 1:00pm. So they will be working their little machine hearts out until we unhook them and kiss them goodbye. It is so hard to part with my super capacity friends!! Sad, I know. But would YOU want to give up super capacity stuff in exchange for the little stackable ones?! I think NOT my friend!! But such is life. At least we got them sold. And the girl was right out of college, so lowered the price for her a bit to help her out.

3:19 pm. I am so exhausted and in desperate need of a manicure. I keep reminding myself that we have some vacations coming up, and they are so badly needed. I did get a little time for myself when I snuck away yesterday to get a haircut and left Norman with the boys. That was so nice! It's a bit shorter than I normally go, because I was enjoying unplugging from everything and closing my eyes, and every time the lady stopped I'd tell her "take a hair more off". :)

Well, time to get back into cleaning mode. I've got to go put more laundry in, run the box of things by Goodwill, and then go to Home Depot for more spackling and new outlet cover things. I got paint all over the other ones, and just need to replace them. I'm so ready for bedtime...Well, I say that, but I know I will be so sad crawling into bed in this house for the very last time...We've had a fantastic time here...

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