Memorial Day in D.C.

I have lots that has transpired, but I will start off at the beginning and make you wait until my next post to hear about Chaser swallowing a screw!!!

I'm going to start back at Memorial Day. We had a full day, but took in all that was humanly possible here in D.C. We left the apartment about 8am, and went directly to Arlington Nat'l Cemetery. I wanted to visit my friend's husband's grave, and so we did that first. It was emotional and overwhelming. Nick was a great great guy, and he has a son and wife who are two of the most beautiful souls and they have so much to be proud of. Arlington is such a tourist spot, but I'll bet you didn't know they have approximately 100 burials there a week. Not all are young men from the Iraq/Afghanistan wars, but it is enough to really make you think about the heroes we have among us. There was a young widow, just one grave down who was sobbing. I asked her if I could give her a hug, and I thanked her for her husbands service and sacrifice. She had flown in from Seattle, and that was her first time visiting him since the burial. Another wife...young and blonde and very pretty, sat emotionless, cross-legged at her husband's grave just stroking the headstone. I truly wish everyone who has no ties to the military could understand the sacrifice...the loss...the life...that all of our military families have to endure. The lucky ones get their husbands back, but some pay the ultimate sacrifice, and it is wrong of us to just continue on in our every day lives and not reach out to these heroic women - the widows - who are truly inspirational. Make it a priority to be more patriotic and pray for our Soldiers and Airmen and Marines every day, because whether you think about it or not, there IS a war going on, and YOUR FREEDOM is what they are fighting for. God Bless Our Troops!!!

From there we went to the annual parade that starts on the street in front of the National Archives. Eli and Chase and I had a WONDERFUL front row seat just on the curb in front of the Archives. It was something else. There were bands from each state...People dressed up in the costumes of the era's of each war, and music that was wonderful. The floats were colorful and it was just so overwhelming. People were passing out American Flags, and of course we all had them and were waving them and screaming like crazy when they played the Air Force song. Eli even made the D.C. news!!!! A reporter for local channel 9 came over and got him on camera, and later that night, we got to see the little clip they played of him!!!! They even had a story on their website about the clip, and they mention Eli in it. They also mentioned Norman, and although they messed up on the part about him being in Iraq, the did get the Afghanistan part. The reporter was hollering at me above the noise and something got lost in the commotion I suppose. Here is a link to the news story...


I'm so proud of my guys!!! The big one and both little ones!!! We are still sunburned from the day, but we had a ball.

Okay, that is it for now, but stay tuned for the "Chase Swallowed a Screw" story!!! I hope I'll be able to report that it has come out when I write about it...We have more X-rays to do tomorrow, and I'll update you guys then. Ciao Sweetie Pies!!!!

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