Okay, sooooooo...

2 days until the packers come and counting. The painting is DONE! If the housing guy doesn't like it, I guess I'll write him a check and he can hire someone to fix it. I'm DONE! The stove and oven are CLEAN. I had to use that oven cleaner 3 times to get it all cleaned, and let me tell you - it says "fume free" but it is a lie! My head is still hurting from all those fumes not to mention all the fresh paint smell that is still in here too. I've opened my windows and decided to let some rain come in, in exchange for getting some of the fumes out. We're going to shampoo the carpets anyway, so a little water won't hurt anything.

And today is packing day. I've got to pack up everything we need to take with us to the hotel and then on to D.C., and pray that I don't miss any crucial item, because once the packers box everything up, there is no getting to it again until it's delivered to us in D.C. Also, I made Simon's (our kitty) grooming and vaccinations appointment for Monday, so he will be up to date and I can provide the apartment office with the right documents so they will let him in. Am I forgetting anything? Hmmmmm...we decided to stay in TLF (temporary lodging facility) on base, because we can stay in a 2 bedroom house for about $40, instead of paying like $100 for a dinky hotel room. Right now, saving some money sounds pretty good to me.

Okay...now I'm off to do more laundry and cleaning. If I sit too long I just might fall asleep, and I sooooo need to be getting to work on this house. I will be so thankful when all of this is behind us!!! Everybody enjoy your Friday!!!

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