The Packers Are Here

And I'm exhausted. The TLF's are very NICE though, and we were pleasantly surprised when we checked in last night. We are in a 2 bedroom house temporarily, until we are done with the packers/movers and get signed out of here on Wednesday. Not too shabby.

The packers are nice guys...very courteous and don't make me feel uncomfortable, like some in the past have. We ordered a couple of pizza's and we will all take a break once Norman gets back from picking them up. So far the kitchen is almost completely packed up, Eli's room and Chase's room upstairs are both packed, and I think the guy is starting to work on the Master bedroom now. Chase is asleep in the pack n play in the office, and they are being nice and quiet working around him. I took some of the new frozen stuff over to my neighbor, Heather, so that it doesn't go to waste, but other than that I'm just chucking everything in the fridge and freezer.

We've just about done all we can do until they load everything on truck, so I sat down to take a break. I took Simon to the vets today to get him up to date on all his vaccinations, and then they took him down to the groomers to get him shaved. He loves to eat his hair, which is totally gross, and it's the only way we've found to keep him hairball free. He has such beautiful long orange and white hair though...it's a shame!! But it's for the best. He's got to get prettied up before we head to D.C. OH OH OH - and the most important thing...I requested sedatives for him for the long car trip out there. Poor thing hates his carrier and I think he'd pass out if he had to be coherent the entire time.

So...I think that's about it! I actually need to get in the kitchen and clean a couple other areas that I can get to now that the guy is out of the way and packing up our pantry now. I'll try to keep you posted on our progress!! I can't believe we're here...moving...already. Wow...

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