Today we turned the corner!

On unpacking! The kitchen is almost COMPLETELY finished, I just have a few odds and ends that I don't know where I want them yet and I've got some more decorations that I need to arrange, but hooray!!!! I had to get my kitchen in order because my groceries will be delivered in the morning at 8am, and I had to have a place to put everything!

Also, Eli's is pretty much done! Bless his heart, he just looked at me today with these big sad eyes and said, "Mom, I am having trouble with the boxes in my room." I asked him what kind of trouble and he said, "I don't like them in there and I don't know what to do with them!" So that made me sad, and I realized I needed to stop everything else and just get his room completed. I have one box left in there, that is full of all the packing paper and folded up boxes that we've emptied out, but he is happy as a clam. I learned my lesson the other day about taking on too much, and have decided that the boxes can stay put until Norman gets home and takes care of them. I nearly killed myself getting smashed in the elevator and Eli got scared because he thought he was getting trapped in the elevator because I had tried to take too many boxes down to the basement recycling center. Let me warn you...not all elevators open at the slightest blocking of the doors...This one nearly squeezed the breath out of me!! I thought, oh crap, this is how I'm gonna die!!! So now I've managed to make Eli nervous about the elevators, which I totally did NOT intend to do, but I think with time he'll be alright. He's just skiddish and keeps saying that he's so sorry I got smushed in the elevator. It's so cute that he's so sweet.

Other than that, I am going to do some research on the church that was recommended to us to try out, and we will do that next week. I just don't want to start the search on my own; we can wait one more week till Norman gets home. After some of the weirdo places we've seen in Alabama and Ohio, I've learned a valuable lesson to not go alone the first time.

Well, guess that's all for now. I'm sitting in my bed and Eli is curled up on me fast asleep. I need to take him to his bed and get him tucked in so that I can start relaxing. I'm soooooo ready for my break when the evening rolls around!!!! Nighty night sweets!

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  1. Wow...your place sounds great! I wish I could have my groceries delivered....I seem to always forget something....at least if I placed an order, I couldn't blame anyone but myself....(now I can blame Shane...because he'll get me sidetracked). I'm so glad you are getting settled in. Your boys are getting so big!


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