Down to our last week in Ohio...

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Hope all is well!!

Wow...one week left in Dayton. This time next Wednesday, the movers will be loading our things on the truck and we will be leaving Dayton for the last time. It has gone by so fast!

We have been so busy lately; I miss being able to get on here and update everyone! Yesterday was the first day I actually got a lot of major things accomplished. I have cleaned the boys bathroom from floor to ceiling, and the door is now closed and no one is going in there! It's spotless! I also washed the big rug that goes under our kitchen table and took down all of our kitchen curtains and got them washed. All the boys bathroom toys are bagged, and I have finished painting the entryway and downstairs guest bath!

I'm still working on laundry, but we have (thankfully!) sold our washer and dryer, and the lady is coming to get them on Sunday afternoon. One thing about highrise apartment living is that they don't allow a lot of space for your laundry room. And honestly a lot of places don't even offer hookups of any kind, because you are so limited on space anyway, that it just takes up more room than they want to use. We are very fortunate that our apartment does have a laundry room, but it is the smaller, stackable washer/dryer. That should take some getting used to...I'm sure, since I'm used to the commercial, large capacity washer and dryer. But I'm just trying to be thankful for the fact that we at least are lucky to get a unit that offers a washer and dryer at all.

Monday was my last trip down to Cincinnati. Norman came with me, since I had a checkup at the eye doctor there, and he wanted to dilate my eyes. All was well at the doctors, and then we went to Dave and Busters to eat and have a farewell dinner with my good friend Ally. For those of you who don't know about Ally, she has been such a blessing to my family. She has two beautiful children, and during my time here we've been able to get together on many Mondays for shopping trips, and mall walking trips and playground trips. She was Chase's only visitor at Children's when he had his seizure, and has just blessed my life so much with her smiles and encouragement and sweet, loving spirit. Very good friends - the kind you know will last you a lifetime - are a rare gift, and I am so lucky to have her in my life. I sent her a message last night and used this comment, but I have to use it again because it is so true...No matter how much distance separates us, friends who are connected through the love of Christ aren't really ever that far apart. I love you Ally!

So lets see...Today is Wednesday...Sunday night we check into a hotel here, and Monday the packers come. Tuesday the packers finish packing up, and Wednesday the movers come to load all of the boxes on the semi. We have scheduled our final inspection of the house Wednesday at 4pm, and after that we will hit the road and head to D.C. HOPEFULLY we can have our things delivered on Thursday, and I can start getting set up there while Norman heads back here to Wright-Patterson to finish up work until the last day of May.

So that's that! Right now I need to get Chaser down for his nap, and work on cleaning the master bathroom. Enjoy the remainder of your week and I'll update when I can!!! Bye bye loves!

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