Can I just say...I LOVE DC!!!!!

Particularly the lovely way I get to grocery shop here!!!! This may be way too much miscellaneous info for you, but I just made a huge order and I did it sitting in my bed, in my pj's, browsing the aisles without taking a step!!!! I still think four years from now (if we do indeed stay here for the full 4 years) I will be just as amazed at the process as I am right now). Some things are just flat out amazing!!! :) I love peapod! For those of you who are curious, go check it out at http://www.peapod.com/ . It is the coolest thing ever!!

Well, it is Sunday, and today was going to be our first church visiting (of many I'm sure...), but due to all the traveling and change in pressure and environment from flying, both boys have come down with colds that turned into painful sinus infections. Chase is taking his second nap of the day, and it's only 2:30, so that is definitely unusual. They are on their second day of antibiotics, so hopefully tomorrow will be the turning point for them. On a bragging note, Chase successfully climbed onto the couch on his own this morning!! There are times I look at him and see such a big boy!!! I've been telling Norman that I've got the baby bug big time, so in a couple of years I see adoption in our future. My babies are getting sooooo big!

Today I'm going to find a soccer program and hopefully get Eli signed up this week. There is a large soccer field not far from our house, and every time we walk by or hear the whistles from their matches, Eli wants to play so bad. He's got a good little kick too, along with a good swing for baseball, so I'm hoping to have him play soccer in the fall and baseball in the spring. I always wanted to be a mom of boys so that we could go to all the games and stuff, and I'm so excited that Eli is getting to that age we can start these things up.

It's funny how your background dictates how you view things. I grew up in a family where my parents attended everything we did. I think there was only one stockshow that my parents couldn't go, and they never missed a ballet recital or a horrendous basketball game. (When I say horrendous, I mean horrendous...I HATED playing basketball even though I love to watch it). Norman came from a family where it was good to attend your kids stuff, but it wasn't something that was an absolute necessity to be there. I think most people are that way, but I believe it makes such a difference to your kids if they know they can count on you for every game or performance. It is important to me that every time Eli and Chase look up in the crowd, they see Norman and me there, cheering them on, no matter if they are the best or worst player on the team. Lord knows I had my fair share of horrible performances, but I always knew I was supported in everything I did 100 %. I can't wait to be that kind of supporter for my children.

Okay, so I suppose I've rambled on long enough. We are going to have "Best Friends Day", which means that we all pile in our bed and watch a cartoon movie and eat popcorn. I don't know how that little tradition started, but we love it, and it's a nice peaceful time for us to just be together and enjoy the time together. Even the cat joins in. I hope that you all are having a fabulous Sunday, and I want to say one more thing...WELCOME HOME JEFFREY!!!!! He has been in Iraq for 8 months, and just a couple of days ago made it home safely. We love you guys, Melissa, and we are so thankful that you are whole once again!!!!


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  1. Hey woman!!! I'm glad you are enjoying DC and please keep in touch :)


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