From Jamaica to Oklahoma!!!

It is so good to be home! Well, kind of home!! Oklahoma will always be "home" no matter where we live. Norman and I missed the boys so much, and it was so wonderful to drive up the drive and see Eli directing us to where he wanted us to park, and Chase smiling and reaching out for us. And of course the fun part was distributing presents, and giving and getting lots of hugs and kisses from our angels!!!

From there, we went to Weatherford and spent some time with Grandma, then went out to dinner and did some shopping. We ran into one of our good friends, Lindsey and her husband Jason, and it was sooooo good to see them! It's so good to have friends who kind of grow with you through the years. We don't live near each other, as is the case with so many of our friends, but life-long friendships are so precious. It is astonishing to me, that so many of my friends and I have gone from being children ourselves, to now raising our own families. To my most cherished friends, you are simply blessings to me, and you mean more to me than what you will ever know. Coming home to Oklahoma and getting to see some of you is such a wonderful thing to me. No matter the miles, or the time that passes between visits, our relationships never seem to suffer.

Okay, so enough rambling for now. Eli and PaPa are headed down to the corral to get the horses up to ride, and they are waiting for me. So we're off for a Saturday morning horseride, and of course I'll get lots of pictures of my big boy riding his horsey Scout! They got a new horse named Bella, and I can't wait until Chase is old enough so they can ride together. How precious will that be!!! From there we're going fishing (but I'm trying to convince my dad to do that later so I can get a nap in with Chase!!!). I'm not sure they have photo editing equipment here on this computer, so I may not get started on uploading pictures until we get home to D.C., but I'll check that out later on today to see if I can start uploading some stuff.

Okay, I'm off to change clothes and head to the barn...Talk to you guys later!!!! Bye loves!!

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