Greetings from Jamaica!!!

HELLO! I only have a few minutes to be online, but had to come update here! It is so beautiful here!!! And Norman and I are so thrilled to have some alone time. We have been spending so much time on the beach, and at the waterpark (they have the coolest waterpark next to the ocean here!!), and I even dragged Norman to the Spa, and we got a Couples Pedicure!!! That was sooooo amazing and Norman's feet (and mine too!!!) look so good! He was a bit sheepish to admit afterward that he did enjoy it, so maybe I can convince him to do it again someday!!

This afternoon we went on a shopping trip in town, and tonight we have reservations at a really nice Italian place. We're getting all dressed up, so I'll take lots of pictures. Tomorrow morning we'll be snorkling and maybe do the glass bottom boat ride, and then the rest of the time we'll just be hanging out by the ocean. It was so amazing...I pulled my chair thing out onto the edge of the water to where the water came just over my feet and it was so relaxing. We aren't nearly as red as I would have thought...maybe by tomorrow!!! Okay, thats all for now...we're off to explore or snack some more...to any of you thinking about a vacation, do all inclusive. It is amazing to do what you want, eat what you want, enjoy what you want and not have to keep pulling out more money!!!

Bye bye lovies...See you all soon!!!

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