A Tour Of Our Neighborhood...

So we have a main routine now, and although it varies day to day depending on what we are doing, it always consists of going across to the Marriott, taking the underground corridor to Crystal City Shops, and either doing our shopping or hopping on the metro and going someplace else. I thought I would take you on my version of a neighborhood tour. :)

Of course I'm going to start off at our apartment building. This is Crystal Towers, and we are in this tower at the very top.
From our apartment, we walk across the street and enter the Gateway Crystal City Marriott
Once inside, we take the underground walkway that you see immediately in the front of the hotel.
The walkway brings you right into the Crystal City Shops, and the Metro is just a short elevator/escalator ride down. Below is one pic of a walkway in the Crystal City Shops.

Now, obviously to get home, we go back to the apartment...

Walk thru the lobby...

Turn right and walk down the hallway...

Get into the elevators and go up...

Then once off the elevators, go down the hall and we're the door on the left on the end!!!


Tomorrow I'll post pictures INSIDE our apartment!!! But one last pic...I took it of Norman and me on our way to the Pentagon earlier today... Have a wonderful evening peeps!

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