Great day at the Smithsonian

So we got up and left the house at 10 this morning and made it down to Fort Belvoir for the unit picnic. It really was an organizational mess. They never set a time for thing to be (officially). They just said it was from 10:30 to like 3pm or something insane. We had gotten there when it began and had eaten, and the boys were already tuckered out from playing and running in the heat, and people were still arriving! We finally left around 1 or so, because we couldn't let Chase be out in the heat any longer. He tans really well, but when he gets too warm, he just gets blotchy all over, and bless his heart he was starting to look purplish. We got home and needed to run to the pharmacy to pick up my inhaler, and on the way we got this urge to go to one of the Smithsonian Museums.

I absolutely LOVE that about this city! So from the time we made the decision to go to the museum, it only took us a 10 minute metro ride and 5 minute walk and we were THERE! I love it here. We went to the Natural History Museum, and I have to say that so far, it is my favorite!! We saw a statue from Easter Island, THE HOPE DIAMOND, and dinosaurs/fossils plus gems, diamonds, the largest Topazs' ever, meteors/meteorites that are billions of years old, and I could go on and on. We even watched a 3-D dinosaur movie and the boys loved it. Chaser even sat thru most of it with his glasses on and he would shrink back when the dinosaurs were "getting too close". It was so much fun!!! That is one that I definitely am looking forward to going back to.

Tonight I am just cleaning up a bit and getting ready for Jordan to fly in tomorrow!! We are super excited that he is coming, and I know he's excited to get to come out and experience some of D.C. with us. One day while he's here we're all going to head up to Ocean City, Maryland and experience what beach life is like up here. I've heard that OC is the best of the beaches, and it's not far, so we need to go check it out. A far cry from the warm Destin, FL beaches we are used to and love so much, but we'll see just how cold this water is up here.

My main things that I am a fanatic about with us moving around are 1-Zoos. We have to go to all the nearby zoos and I like to collect sweatshirts from them :). 2-beaches. I am a big beach bum, and love taking the boys up to play in the sand and work on my tan. :) Eli and Chase love the water so much, so I'm excited to let them have more sand digging time.

Well, I need to wind this up for now, because I've got laundry to work on and groceries to order. Here are a few pictures of our day!! Nighty night peeps!

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