Has it been a week already?!

Holy cow! Usually I'm a bloggin' fool, so I'm not sure how so much time got past me! Lots of random stuff to catch up on though...I'll post pictures as I go thru the blog; if you don't have time to read all this stuff, just scan on thru for the photos; I'll never know! :)

I had posted about meeting our friend Robin for lunch, so here is a photo of us from that fun lunchdate...
Okay, so if you notice my hair is getting a bit too long to curl like this, you aren't the only one! Robin said it just looked like "Big Texas Hair", so I knew it was time to do something different. I know it's a bit early, but in preparation for fall/winter, I am starting to grow out my hair. For any of you girls out there who have had to grow out hair with super short layers in it, you know what a dilemma this can be, so no judgement for the next 2 months on what I look like in pictures!! :) Seriously, I know I am going to look either flat like a pancake or puffy like a poodle; unfortunately there's no inbetween until I get the short layers out of it.

So last night we were able to have dinner with a great friend of mine, from back in my Dallas days. I SOOOO miss my Texas friends. Even though lots of them have moved on and scattered about the country, Dallas will always hold a special place in my heart. Stephen is such a great friend, and I am so glad that his work (with the EPA) brings him into town pretty regularly. Yippee!!! Now, this picture is cute; we finally had to break down and get a "baby leash" for Chase. He is NOT thrilled to be cooped up in his stroller so much, so this was a great way to give him freedom and us not have to worry about him taking off. It does feel a bit odd to have him on a leash, but it serves its purpose and is cute, so we like it. Stephen did mention that next time we're in Dallas he'd like to take Chase down to the walking trail by White Rock Lake and "walk him, because he'd be a chick magnet". Hey, if he wants to take him off our hands for some exercise, I will not object! But Chase has to be in your wedding if your chick hunting pays off! But here's a cute pic of Stephen "walking" Chaser!!
So, today we had a lot of appointments, and we ended up all over the place. Alexandria, Baltimore, Annapolis...But on our way home (when we were all tired, hungry and cranky), our GPS decided to take us on a up close and personal tour of the ghetto. Yes...the Washington D.C. Ghetto. It needs a special place on the list of tourist spots, because it was quite interesting. From men trying to sell overpriced bottles of water at the stoplights, to skinny wrinkley men barely able to sit in their wheelchairs driving them down the road, and some of them parked, SITTING in the middle of the road so that you had to drive around them...it was pretty interesting. But what really struck me as strange was the public library we drove past. Now, I insisted on getting a picture of this, so I made Norman drive like 3 miles an hour with angry people behind us when our light turned green, so I could post this picture...OF THE GHETTO PUBLIC LIBRARY!!! Now, keep in mind that this building is as big as a large tent, and you might get the full effect...ENJOY the architecture!!! :)

Okay, so it's not as amazing in the picture as it is in person, but I think you get the idea.

I did want to post a picture of our living room...We got our curtains up finally and I am so proud of us!! Yippeee!! Having wide windows presents such a problem, but I think we did okay. Here ya go...

Okay, so this was not a really "deep" blog, but I will write one of those later. I need to go grab something to munch on and resume the job search for a bit. I'll be back...

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