Jordan's Here! Day 1

We picked Jordan up from Baltimore this afternoon around noon, and headed back to the house. We parked and headed down to downtown. We were looking forward to going to Ford's Theater, where President Lincoln was shot, but they have it closed until this winter for renovation. We were able to go through the house across the street where Lincoln was taken after he was shot, and they have the bed he was on when he died. While we were inside going through the house, it started pouring heavily outside, and the thunder and lightening was really bad! We picked a good place to be for the early part of the storm. Here are a few pics that we took inside that house...
From there we ran across the street to the Hard Rock Cafe as fast as we possibly could. The rain was coming down sooooo hard and we got soaked! We enjoyed getting to have lunch there, and it was a great start to Jordan's time with us. Here are a couple of pics from Hard Rock...and of course I am putting one of me so you can see how great I look when I'm soaked to the bone!!!

After that we headed home, where Eli spent some time in his room because he was in trouble, and I took Chase and we went down to the pool to go swimming with Jordan. We are all exhausted; Jordan got no sleep last night, and we didn't get to bed until after 2am, so we are all pretty zonked. Jordan was out by 8pm! We're not sure what our plan is tomorrow, but we'll be here between 8-10 am waiting on our groceries to be delivered, and then we're off again to sightsee and have some fun! I'll be posting more pics soon!!!

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