Jordan's Trip Days 2 & 3

Wow, so we're actually on day 4, so I'm a little behind. We are having such a good time!

Lets see...On day two, we slept late, and then went down the the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. We had fun wandering around there, and went into the planetarium and saw a movie about Blackholes. That was really cool, but Chase was really antsy, so I ended up out in the museum letting him walk around until it finished up. We did get to see more than half though, so that wasn't too bad. From there we walked up to the Capitol, and spent a lot of time walking around and enjoying the view and taking pictures. We also got to walk by the National Gardens, and it was so beautiful! There is just sooo much to do here! By the time we were done we were exhausted, so we headed back to the metro and had dinner at our favorite little place then called it a night.

Day 3 was a weird day. Chase wasn't feeling well, and Eli had an appointment, so I kept the boys and we did our thing while Norman and Jordan went out to Arlington Cemetery to see the Eternal Flame at John F. Kennedy's grave, and also to see the changing of the guards. After that, we met back at the apartment to rest for a bit, then I took Chase to the ER for a check because I wasn't happy with how he was looking, and the boys headed down to see the Washington Nationals and the Phillies play.

So this part will begin a little rant on my part, so bear with me. It is always beyond me why in the world you see these children who have OBVIOUSLY been sick for quite some time, yet they are just now seeing a doctor in the ER. Granted, some things are on-going and they have been getting seen, but there are just times where we are either out in public and I see a sick child and it is just appalling that they are out at the movies and not in a doctors office! I don't get it. I have always had doctors tell me, "Better more cautious and safe, than let something go that could have serious consequences." I don't get it. Chase really wasn't "that bad", and I know if I had taken him in to the doctors office they probably would have sent me home and told me to wait it out. But something in my gut just didn't feel good about waiting it out. I think it's an instinct thing. But anyway, so we went to the ER. The doctor stripped him down, looked in his ears, everything looked good. No obvious issues, a red throat, but nothing major. But I insisted that the cough (which was horrendous in the car, but after we set foot in the ER miraculously stopped - funny how that happens) was worse than what the doctor was seeing, so at my urging, he finally ordered Chase an X-ray. Wouldn't you know that Chase was/is developing pneumonia. The doctor was amazed at how early we caught it, and Chase really was just on the verge of it getting him down. The spots on the lungs were not really large, but obviously there, so we got an antibiotic, and he is already on his way to getting better. No one knows your child better than you...so PUSH to get them cared for if you see an issue. I've learned that with having to deal with Military Docs. They are crazy and would tell a dead man he just has the flu...but that is another rant for another day.

I will end this enormously long blog with something that will make you laugh. It was about midnight when Chase and I got home, and I couldn't find a spot where we normally park, so I had to park on the street, which required me to parallel park. Now, I haven't done that since...well, since I took my drivers test, so I was thankful it was dark and noone could watch me. It took me 15 minutes - forward, reverse, forward, get out and check to see how much room I have, reverse, forward, etc. I FINALLY get parked, turn off the car and get out and about 10 floors up I hear this clapping, whistling, cheering, and people shouting "WE KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!! WAY TO GO!!" I just bent over and put my head on my knees and about cried I was laughing so hard. I thanked them for their "support" lol. Then proceeded to try to put money in the parking meter to last the 12 hours it allowed. Well, a woman who barely spoke English walked by and noticed what I was doing, so she informed me that meters don't require any money at night, you just have to move the car by 8 am. So 4 dollars worth of quarters later, I stop and once again get the cheering. So, by this point I am beyond exhausted, mentally drained, embarassed beyond belief, and just want to get in the apartment. So we get upstairs, and all was well until we get a knock on our apartment door this morning. Someone was knocking to kindly let us know I had left my keys in the door. So I think my brain stopped functioning between the parallel parking and the meter incident, and it was a miracle I found my way home. lol Of course Norman and Jordan were howling laughing at me last night as I came in all flustered telling them of my embarassing moment, but at least I don't know who they were...hopefully they won't recognize me if we happen to see each other again. So now that you've had your laugh for the day, here are some pictures... Have a great rest of your week!!

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  1. Very cool! I'm glad you did push for Chase. Sometimes doctors need to get over themselves and listen.


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