A Rainy 4th, Firedrills, and Friends...

So I'm sure you guessed by the title of this blog, that we were rained out on the 4th. We were going to go down to the Capitol and do that big shin-dig, but it rained...and rained...And although they went on with the concert and fireworks, we were content to watch it televised on tv - and be DRY. I don't do well all wet and yucky and miserable...The funniest part is that during the fireworks, when we could see them on tv, we could hear them outside...too cool!! We did go out on the balcony and were able to see some of the really high ones, but this really huge Sheraton hotel in Crystal City stood between us and the main part of the view. Oh well. We also learned that in order to get the good seats, you have to go down there and camp out the night before, so Norman is designated camper for next year :) I'm the camper for the Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn, so it's all fair.

So last night we had both boys in bed, I was working on my shop, and Norman was doing more family history/geneology stuff when I heard this odd sound. I muted the tv and we could still hear it, so I opened our door, and the overwhelming smell of burning was really bad, so I thought..."Crap, our building is on fire". I was only wearing a t-shirt so I threw on this big robe, grabbed my purse and got Eli, and Norman got his wallet and Chase in the stroller. Norman started carrying Chase IN his stroller down and I "lucked out" getting 45 pound half asleep Eli. Holy crap. Let me say that carrying a 45 pound kid down TWELVE...count them 12 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS is a workout!!! Granted I didn't have to carry him UP, but still. Apparently the smell we had been smelling was someone who burned their dinner horribly, but that wasn't what set the alarm off. What set it off was some moron who was coming back in from the swimming pool and used the wrong door. Seriously...It isn't often I go out in a robe, with non-matching shoes, no makeup, carrying a cute purse that matches NOTHING. lol. I looked so homely. What a night. Verrrry interesting. So that happened at 9pm and we were wound up until midnight. I did get a lot of work done on my shop, but didn't get a lot of sleep, so I am exhausted.

The thing I am THRILLED about, is that one of my great friends from Dallas will be coming to D.C. the end of JULY!!! Wooo hoo!! He will be here the week of the 21st, and Jordan is flying out the week of the 27th, so that will be so awesome to have visitors!! I got his voicemail today, and haven't even had a chance to tell Norman yet!

The boys and I drove up to Annapolis, MD today, and I am pleased to announce that I not only have found a fabulous specialist for my allergies/asthma, I have also convinced him to be my general practice doc!! For those of you who remember Chase's helmet days, this doctor, Dr. Bernstein, also reminds me SO MUCH of Chase's helmed doc, who Norman and I just adored. He seems to think that my high dose of Advair for my asthma contributes to me feeling more tired than I should a lot of the time, plus that on top of my untreated allergies and sinus issues just don't help with it either. Even when I was walking with Leah several miles a week, I never got an increase in my energy level, and I should have with that exercise. So hopefully we can get that resolved, and I won't need like 10 hours of sleep every night. Because seriously...who has the time to get 10 hours of sleep!! HELLO!!

Hmmm....what else...Well, the only BIG thing I'm excited about is my shop. I have had it for quite some time, but I am doing a major facelift, and I'm doing some mega advertising AND I now have the capability of embroidery for some of my designs!! I am toying with the idea of adding a jewelry line, but I will have to see how the online ordering will link into that other site. We will see...I am so limited on the time I have to work on it, so it can only come along so fast.

Norman went to work today, but is on leave tomorrow because we have some plans, so I'm thrilled to have another day with him here. Hopefully we'll have lots of great pics to post soon... It's pretty much dependent on the weather here lately. I did hear of a place up a little ways from here where you can sift thru the sand on the beach and find SHARK'S TEETH!!! That sounds like a perfect adventure for two little boys I know. How cool would that be?!

Okay, time to go figure out dinner. Hope you're all off to a great start of your week!! Ciao Sweets!


  1. It's good to find you on here! I can't believe you went from Geary, OK to living in D.C.! Wow how things change. You have two adorable boys. I am glad to hear you are doing well. Do you have a link to the shop you are talking about? I would love to take a look.

  2. Its funny how sometimes things you plan for just don't seem to work out how they should. Its still kind of neat to hear the fireworks while you see them on tv. I'm glad that there really wasn't a fire, but hey it sounds like you got nice workout out of the whole deal!


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