The cheese sticks are affecting my brain

So I just ate way too many TGI Fridays cheese sticks, and now I believe it's affecting my brain lol. I've been watching the DNC, and all of this political junk has got me thinking a bit differently. I've heard several times that McCain has voted with Bush almost 95% of the time, and that really hasn't clicked in my head about what that really meant. I KNOW that of course this is going to be all positive for the Democrats, as obviously this is their convention. BUT seriously, a fact is a fact. And as much as I know my dad will be scratching his head and saying "oooohhh Stacey you are insane" I have got to say that the prospect of having a situation that is 90-95% the same as what we have now is not appealing. It's flat out sickening to think that anyone would vote for the same crap we've had the last 8 years.

What we have going on in Iraq is just flat out mind-boggling. The fact that things have gotten so bad is just amazing. I mean, when you watched the Olympics and you saw the Great Wall of China, did it cross your mind that people built that wall SOOOOO long ago? It is still standing strong and an amazing example of what can be achieved if people want to do something. Yet we can't figure out more than a shoddy little crap fence on the Texas border?

I don't know...I don't know that I can actually vote for Obama...but I know I can't vote for McCain, so where does that leave me? What is wrong with this country...we have an old guy who is so ancient it will be a miracle if he could get anything done at all, and then we have the young guy who lives in a fantasy world and holds all these unrealistic goals and views as something that can be accomplished. All I can say is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

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