Driving and Grocery Stores...

These are two of the things that I rarely do anymore...drive and go to the grocery store, and I am thankful for it!!! :) I have been hunting all over the place for Tapioca pudding mix. Not the pre-made kind that you can find in the little cups, but the boxed kind that you actually make with eggs and sugar and it smells good and reminds you of when you were little and you made it with your mom...Or, well, at least that was a memory that I had. I've wanted the boys to have it too, and have the same fond memories, so we made it some when we were in Dayton, but wouldn't you know we got up here and I couldn't find it anywhere! And the service that we order our groceries from doesn't carry that, so I've been on a mission to find the good ole boxed kind. Well, last night was the 4th grocery store I'd been too, and as I had to go there to buy a roast and a ham, I decided to check although I was sure they wouldn't have it...BUT THEY DID!!! I was jumping all over the aisle and I'm sure some of the people standing around me thought I was a little nutty, but MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Our house will soon be smelling of yummy homemade Tapioca!!!

And the other little thing I mentioned was DRIVING! We are so happy that my parents have come out for a visit, but they flew into BWI which required driving out of the city during rush hour, which is always insane. Eli accompanied me, and we left at 3:30 to drive the 40 miles, and we finally arrived at the airport around 5:45! Yep, I am so thankful that we don't have to drive in this insane traffic!! Luckily they didn't arrive until after 6, so we were a little early, and the drive back wasn't nearly as long. I do have to admit that you will never know what you will see in this town; on our way up there, I took a wrong turn and managed to see a man wearing only a sports jersey with black sandals and a big purple sombrero. THAT was an interesting sight, and trying to explain "diversity" in terms that a 4 year old can understand, and to couch it in terms that everyone is different and God loves everyone, was a bit difficult. Because of course, Eli wants to know if God loves him, why does he leave home without pants? Remind me next time to really pay attention to the GPS. I remember when I was here in high school, seeing a lady in saran wrap in the subway, and there's no way I can begin to explain that. I still don't get it, but at least Eli is being exposed to some things and it can only help him have a greater understanding of things.

But back to the main subject...I was happy to only really deal with the driving a short while, and now while they are here we will be using the metro and leaving the car parked and the long driving delays to someone else! It is so good to see them too! It's so good to have them here, and to be able to show them around town some and do things together for a few days. I have always admired their relationship, and it is just such a gift to be able to around a couple who loves each other so deeply and is such a good example for the boys. Eli is determined that he is going to move in with Nana and PaPa, and he told me tonight that Norman and I can ship his furniture to their house and we can visit him whenever we want! He's so funny...A little ham.

Okay, so time to wrap this up for the night. Norman is on the phone and I need to get ready for bed and set my stuff out for tomorrow so we can get up and going early. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, and Reina girl, I sure miss you too...So much. You know I'm moving in with y'all when winter hits don't ya!!! Ciao babies!!


  1. It sounds like you guys are having quite an adventurous life out there! Its so nice when your kids have good relationships with thier grandparents, even if they say they would rather live with them! It makes you really appreciate the parents you have!

  2. It sure does...Thanks Shawna!

  3. LMBO - I love it that Eli is so curious and smart!


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