It's only Thursday?!

It's been such a long week already!! I think it's because Norman started his program on Monday, and the boys and I have been settling into our routine as just the 3 of us. We got so spoiled having Norman home with us, so it's felt a little lonely! Chase is doing much better, and has finished up his medication. Pneumonia can be such a nasty thing, so I'm thankful we did manage to catch it early and he didn't have to suffer longer than necessary.

Today the boys and I went to the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. It is the newest of the Smithsonian museums, and it has artifacts dating all the way back from ancient pre-Columbian civilizations thru the 21'st Century. It was really neat, but my favorite, and I think the boys' favorite part was the telling of the Indian legends thru cartoon stories. Some of them (completely geared toward children) were pretty blunt and gory. Like one was about a little girl who turned into a bear and ate an entire village of people, and the only way she could be stopped was to kill her by cutting off her two smallest toes. And the rest of the story was them killing her, but not doing it right and she kept coming back to life as the bear! It's so interesting how each tribe had their own stories, and pretty crazy that some of them were a too gory (in our society's opinion at least) to be told. It all depends on the culture and the people involved as to what is appropriate for what age, etc. It was a really neat museum! They also had all different kinds of canoes made by different tribes from different materials. The prettiest one was made out of reeds...like straw. It was absolutely beautiful. But anyway...That's enough about that.

Norman was so sweet and bought me flowers on Tuesday! I love getting flowers and I'm always so thrilled to get them on the "non" holidays. I have the sweetest husband!! Thank you Norman!!!

Well, that's all for now. Eli's cleaning his room, Chase is taking a late afternoon nap, and I need to switch out the loads of laundry and start on a new study that I'm doing with one of my friends. I love the power of the internet...it makes friends seem not so far away!!

Here are a few pictures I took today...Hope you have a fabulous Friday!!!

Eli posing by a tee-pee in front of the museum
The boys watching the cartoon legends Hand beaded sneakers
Artifacts that were unearthed
My flowers!!!

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  1. Flowers? For no reason but the fact that he loves you? I'm so jealous!!


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