M & D's Trip, Day 2

Yep, 2 posts in one day! I wasn't going to do one post and make it a mile long, so look below for the pics from day one. Here are the pics that we took today; we are WIPED OUT!!! Sooooo exhausted! We started out at the National Archives and took Mom and Dad to see the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Ind. and the Constitution. From there we went to the National Gallery of Art, and let me say...WOW. It was amazing, and we only saw part of one wing. It was huge! We saw everything from Monet to Van Gogh to Cezanne to Gauguin. Unbelievable. Such beautiful things. Now some of the modern art left us scratching our heads as to why a big circle on a wall is such a big deal and needing to be displayed, but to each his own. Here's pics from the Art Gallery...

From there we went and spent time at the Navy Memorial...

From there we went to dinner and then came home. We are BEAT! This city is so busy and keeps us so busy that we live exhausted. But we are loving the experience and are excited to share it with our friends and family.


  1. I envy all that you guys get to do! Enjoy your parents!

  2. So glad you all are having such a wonderful time. Josh and I loved D.C. There is soooo much to do and it can be very exhausting, esp. when trying to fit it all into one trip. Tell your parents we missed them at church this morning but are so happy they are able to spend time with you.

  3. Thanks Jenny!

    You are so right Melinda! I read them your comment and they thought it was really sweet of you! :) You and Josh are always welcome to come up for a visit with the little ones! :)


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