Picnic at the park

Whew! It not quite 2pm yet, and I am already beat! The boys and I got up and ate breakfast, packed a lunch and headed off to the park. We played soccer, I pushed them in the swings, and they played on the slides and monkeybars and steps, and made new friends (Well, Eli recruited a little girl to play soccer with him, which I was happy about because I got a break!). Then we ate our extremely gross PB&J sandwiches (they were gross from getting smashed by my bag under the stroller and they were really warm) on a blanket under a tree, and just enjoyed the day. I love watching them run and play, and seeing them play with the other kids and turn purple from being so hot, but they don't even care. Of course, once they reach that purplish (I've baked long enough in the sun) look, it's time to head for home. So now we're home, showered and clean and exhausted. Chase is napping and it's been a good day...now off to figure out what to do with the rest of it ;). Ciao!

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