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We've had a busy day...nothing too exciting, but just the normal out and about stuff. This morning we left the house at 8:30 for an appointment we had for Eli, then afterward we went to Target, and then we decided to do some walking around our neighborhood to look for a new eating place. We had seen the cutest little street that is jam packed with all kinds of neat restaurants and eateries, sports pubs and bakeries. They were all in like little cute houses, and had outdoor seating, and it was just so cute! After we looked at each of the possibilities, I had decided that Italian sounded great, but Eli was mesmerized by this 1950's type diner, so we ended up eating there. We met the nicest lady in there, and she gave us our drinks for free and discounted the boys meals!! She was so sweet! After that we just walked around a bit more, but when we came across the biggest dead rat I've ever seen, I decided it was time to head for home. This thing was seriously huge, and his little eyes were open and he had his little claws out...poor thing...I have no idea what made him drop dead on the sidewalk, but it sure was enough for me to about lose my lunch!

You would think having grown up on a farm such things wouldn't gross me out, but they do...now live ones don't bother me one bit. But dead anything is grrrross!

Tomorrow we have a fun day planned. I have a playgroup date at this neat building/construction place for kiddos. They have kid sized bulldozers and equipment and they can build the neatest stuff! Plus there is an open atrium just for letting the kids run and play, and there is a snack bar there where we can grab a quick lunch. So far there are 38 moms in the group attending, so it should be fun!

Alrighty, that's all for now! I have a couple of pictures I'm gonna post...one is of Chase from a couple of days ago, and the one of Simon is from this morning...he's so fat and I just love it when he sits like a person and just hangs out watching stuff around him. lol He's so adorable!!!!!

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