That wasn't MYYYYY baby...was it?

So let me start off by saying that I went off and FORGOT my camera yesterday...possibly the WORST possible day to forget it since we've lived here. Yep, I'm a moron. We got up early and headed down to the Capitol so that my parents could do a Capitol Tour. I haven't done that for a couple reasons...1) I don't do well in long lines in hot temperatures. 2) I hate standing in a line of tourists and worrying the entire time that either one of my children won't behave and I'll look like "that" mom who has unruly children and disrupts the entire tour for everyone around. And 3) I have a difficult time wanting to do the tourist tours since I am a local, and the reaction from anyone who asks where I'm from and I tell them that I live here is one of utter confusion and, "how can you live here?" And 4) With Norman about to be a regular up there, I would rather wait and get a family member pass and skip the long lines and head straight for Norman's office and get an inside tour.

BUT the experience was really a good one! So all of the reasons that I am kept away from such places really didn't matter in the end, and we had a great time...well...until the end! :) So we did the tour, and let me say the inside of the Capitol is breathtakingly beautiful. The murals on the insides of the domes in the ceiling were just spectacular! At the end of the tour (all the while I'm walking thru there thinking NORMAN, you lucky dog you...) they gave us the option to just wander around and find our way out, or we had the amazing opportunity to GO ONTO THE HOUSE FLOOR AND LISTEN TO THE SPEAKER!!!! Yep! So we all went thru the media room where they do their stuff for broadcasting on C-Span and on other channels and we let the guys' hats, our cell phones, and Chase's stroller. We walked out onto the floor and got to actually sit in the chairs and listen to the Republican Senators and others who were giving the speeches and presentations. That is unbeliveably amazing on so many levels. Unfortunately they weren't televising those sessions because our wonderful Speaker of the House pulled the plug on the mic's when the Democrats broke for their break a few weeks ago. But the funniest thing was, that in the midst of listening to this wonderful information, Chase starts to fuss. And fuss some more. And then the fussing broke into full fledged screaming so I took him out past the media room, and out into the hall of the Capitol. He screamed so loud he couldn't be missed, and boy will I have something to tell him when he gets older! Perhaps he's protesting against what the Republicans have screwed up? When he got a bit quieter I went back in with him and let him run around the back of the room, behind the little wall where noone could see him, but I could still listen to the speaker. How many children can say they played on the House Floor! How amazing is that...And how amazingly stupid am I that I FORGOT my camera!!! I'm so proud of my husband...this opportunity became suddenly real to me yesterday. We are HERE...and not just around all the "stuff"...we're smack dab right in the thick of it...and I love it! For future visitors, I am totally up for another Capitol Tour!!!!

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