Bye-Bye Crib...

Today was a momentous day in our house. Norman and I had been talking on Saturday about needing to convert the crib to the daybed, since Chase was getting so big. He had never tried to climb out of the crib before...until today. After his afternoon nap he usually starts singing to himself or talking to his toys, so I hear him and go get him. Today all Eli and I heard was this horrible THUD and then Chase started crying. My poor baby had tried to escape! I have had friends this has happened too, and I always vowed to get to my kids before they got to "that point". Well, sometimes "that point" sneaks up on you, and today was our day. So technically Chase is still in his "crib", but we bought this crib with the intent of using it as the daybed, and then converting it to the full size bed when he gets older. We've definitely gotten our money out of it, and its held up beautifully; we've had it for both kids!

Besides that, I felt like "Handy Mommy" today. For you guys who don't have kids, "Handy Manny" is a kids show and I constantly have the little song in my head "Can we build it?! YES WE CAN!!" Super-gluing this, fixing that, hammering this, coloring that...I'm really tired! I kept asking Eli if we could go to the zoo, but he was the one who didn't want to go! I told him tomorrow we are not staying in, and I think he would rather do Fashion Centre in Pentagon City rather than the National Zoo, but I'm seriously going to campaign hard for the zoo...(They've got the best fair-type food and I love it).

Well, that's about all for now! I'm super tired and besides hopefully going to the zoo tomorrow, and making a double batch of tapioca so I can eat it all by myself tomorrow night while watching Ghost Whisper that's all I have to blog about. OH - okay, well I am giving myself a challenge. Every night when I have "my" time, my favorite thing in the world to do is to get on here and start making new templates for my blog, upload and crop pics, and go catch up on all my friends blogs. But I put up a new template tonight, and I am going to try to leave it alone until after Halloween. We'll see. It may just be too much, and I'll have to switch it out. I get sooo bored with things; isn't that sad?! Alrighty, nighty night, sleep tight! :)

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  1. Stace,
    I love your blog template, and love the picture in the heading. So cute!
    We've been thinking about taking Gina out of the crib too. I've caught her trying to escape a few times, but I'm scared to put her in a regular bed. Ours does convert to a toddler bed, but not the full size bed.
    I just don't think she'd stay in bed if she didn't have something keeping her there!!
    Hope you get to go to the zoo today.
    PS-sorry for not calling you back the other night. It got really hectic. Let's catch up this weeekend!


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