Chase's Houseshoes

After seeing Eli constantly wearing his shoes from sun up to sun down, and seeing Norman wearing his crocs in the house all the time (if he doesn't his back really starts hurting - deployment injury) Chase has felt the need to join in. It started off being his little green crocs. But since he wears those outside and he wants to sleep in them I wasn't sure what to give him. Luckily Eli had a pair he has outgrown, and Chase has taken to them and loves them dearly now. They are a couple sizes too big, but he doesn't seem to mind and just runs around here with his big house shoes on looking very silly, but very cute! Why my children love shoes so much I'll never know...ohhh...wait...maybe they get it from me???!! :)

On another note, today was a crazy day! The weather is so beautiful and we went to two parks! Yep TWO! We are so beat, but we had a great time, and it was nice being out so much. I can't wait until it cools down about 10 more degrees and I can shut the air off and keep the windows open!!! HELLO FALL!!!


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