First D.C. Military Dinner!

Wednesday night Norman had a dinner function honoring a General who is about to go work for Condoleezza Rice. (Insanely amazing!) The level of power these people are in is just crazy. They call these things "Hail's and Farewell's". I was caught off guard when they started talking about Norman and me in the "Hail" part, but it was a nice welcome to the unit. I sat across from a lady, Ashley, who was so sweet, and her husband is a Fellow also. She seems so much like my friend Adrienn, if any of you know about her. I am horrible about keeping up with my overseas friends, but she is one friend I think I'll always think about; we had some fun times! But the dinner was FANTASTIC! The food was unbelievably good, the fact that we had a sitter watching the kids was soooooo nice, and the company was great!

The best part of the evening, however, was the end when Norman took me to meet the General and his wife. Norman knew ahead of time that the General's wife had grown up on a farm and had raised pigs, so he proudly brought up the fact that my family had raised pigs for years to them when we were talking. His wife thought that it was just the bees knees that we were fellow pig farming sisters, and she said we needed our own handshake! I was cracking up, meanwhile still trying to act like an adult and not embarrass myself in front of this high-ranking officer. Well, when his wife said that instead of a handshake we needed a special "pig face" gesture and she proceeded to push up the tip of her nose and say that we needed our own club I about lost it. She was the most down to earth, fabulous, hilarious General's Wife I have ever met, and probably will ever meet!!! She then showed me a picture of her dad that she keeps with her. It was a picture of her dad as a late teen/early 20-something holding a baby pig in his arms. It was such a sweet sweet picture, and I was so touched that she shared it with me. What an event!!! So many of these are filled with stuffy, full of themselves people, and it was such a neat feeling to go enjoy myself soooo much!

I had taken my camera, but didn't embarrass Norman by taking pictures. :)


  1. Okay, so I am kind of a fashion geek...I have to know what you wore to such an event : )

  2. You and me both woman! I have been totally in HEAVEN since moving here...I love the shopping! Since it wasn't a formal event I just wore some black pants (from a suit I have), a black Vera Wang top, a strand of pearls, and some strappy heels. Let me tell you where you need to go...you need to take a weekend mommy break down to Dallas and go to Grapevine Mills Mall. They have a Neiman Marcus outlet, and I have been able to buy $2,000 dresses on sale for $150! Completely insane...it's so much fun! :) I am ready for the formal parties though...I love dressing up for those! :)

  3. Been there, done that, love it! Unfortunately, being a stay-at-home mommie doesn't allow me the opportunities to really go out on the town and dress up to the nines like that. So, I will just live vicariously through you. From now on, you are instructed to tell or at least show what you wear to all of these fancy events. : )

  4. Yes Ma'am! I'll start taking pics from now on :) I hope you guys had a great weekend and have a wonderful week!!!


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