Mommies and Trucks

Chaser is so sweet. The past couple of nights he's stood at his doorway just crying for me to come in and sit with him. As soon as I go in and sit beside his bed, he is content to fall asleep with trucks in hand and paci in mouth. He is so precious. It is so amazing to have that quiet time with him. To listen to his little sounds and his methodical breathing as he falls asleep is just so sweet. If only I could just bundle him up and keep him small and protected from all the bad there is in this world...My boys are just my world. (Okay, sappy part over) I did want to show you a pic of my sweet boy asleep in his big bed. And if you look at that pic on the right...the middle one of both the boys, that was taken yesterday at a park here in Arlington. There is a double slide and they love sliding down together, holding hands. It is so sweet!!! :)

I didn't make it very far on trying to keep the same background until Halloween. Oh well...I like my hobby a bit too well I suppose. Today was a really good day. We decided to stay in and do some indoor activities since the past couple of days have been insanely busy. We've been out and about visiting a couple parks, running errands, and just enjoying the weather. Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 60's and I am super excited. Time to start washing all the winter clothes to get the storage smell out of them! YEA!

I have RSVP'd to several playdates at children's fall festivals, and I am so excited! I love this time of year...hayrides with Eli (and this year with Chase because last year he was too little to enjoy much of it), the pumpkin carving, face painting and my favorite - drinking tons of hot apple cider. I'm not sure if meetup.com is something that is nationwide, but it is here in D.C. and we are members of a couple of parenting meetup groups. Honestly I've met some very nice people in the groups, but then I've met the very politically minded people. Never before has political affiliation come into play when it came to friends, but this is a whole different world we are in up here.

Thats all for now...Have a great Thursday!! Ciao!

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  1. Wow, and I thought we were always on the go. You are one busy lady! The boys must love it.

    Chase looks like a sleeping angel. Just perfect.


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